Vietnam Travel Facts

Vietnam Travel Facts

Vietnam is a famous tourist destination. It is among the top places to enjoy seafood. Spend the time with natural beauty, scenic environment, seafood markets and cultural choices. The country is attractive for couples, teens and kids too. Would you like to know the travel facts? It would be great to have details about Vietnam travel before you pack luggage. We are going to share some interesting but necessary travel facts in this article.

Vietnam is "S" Shaped:

Yes, this would be the first interesting travel fact for tourists. This country has "S" like shape. My wife loves this shape because it also standards for Sebastian and Samantha. The country is divided into three geographically diverse regions. These are South, North and Central regions having a diverse weather condition.

It is a Country of Motorbikes:

You will find motorbikes in Vietnam everywhere. According to a 2013 report, there are more than 37 million registered motorbikes in the country. Finding a motorbike for travel would not be difficult. On the other hand, buying a motorcycle is less expensive than buying a car. Get your motorbike when you arrive in Saigon or Hanoi.

Best Coffee in World:

Vietnam offers the best quality of tea and coffee in the world. It is # 4 among the top coffee producers. It produces 16 % of the total coffee being used in the world. Finding a cup of coffee is simple and cheap in Vietnam. Nowadays, tourists can visit the coffee bars where they can taste various versions such as cream coffee, ice coffee and others.

Enjoy the Cashew Nuts:

Yes, Vietnam is the largest exporter of cashew nuts. It produces more than 37 % of the total cashew nuts in the world. Its fruit is nutritious as it contains more Vitamin C.

A Country of Islands:

Yes, Vietnam is a country of beautiful islands. It has several islands where tourists can have a better time. The top examples of beautiful islands in Vietnam include the names of Phu Quoc Island, Nam Du Island, Con Dao Island, Binh Ba Island, Binh Hung Island, Hang Rai Island and Cu Lao Cham Island.

Orchards, Markets and Mangroves:

The Ho Chi Minh City is a valuable destination for tourists interested to see the beautiful orchards, markets and mangroves. Several trips and tour packages are available for the tourists who want to see all these famous things in Vietnam.

Everyone in Vietnam is Nguyen:

Locals in Vietnam call each other Nguyen (say like "Win"). This is the most common name in this country. Ho Chi Minh is second commonly used name. On the other hand, Nguyen is also a family name in the country. It is a family name for more than 40 % of the population in Vietnam.

White Skin Is Perfection:

Usually, beauty lovers like to have tanned skin rather than pale white. In Vietnam, this is completely opposite. People in this country love to have white skin. Tanned skin is not attractive for them as it is a sign of Laborer working in open sunlight. This is why whitening products and cosmetics are more popular in Vietnam. This is why people keep themselves covered when they work.

Eat Star Apple:

The Star Apple is a delicious juicy fruit. In common language, it is called breast Milk Fruit. It gets the name because of the milk drops coming out when you peel the fruit.