Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Vietnam

Top 7 Best Places To Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is full of stunning sights. Tourists feel sad when they leave the country even after spending several months. From beautiful tribal villages to rice terraces in north, to modern Ho Chi Minh in South, this country has numerous opportunities and things to do for travelers. You are choosing the right place if you want to see the most beautiful islands, mountains, cultures and foods in the world. The "S" shaped country covers an area of 1000 miles from north to south. Let's see the top 7 best places to visit in Vietnam.

1. Hanoi: This is the capital city of Vietnam. It has a modern structure and state of the art civil work. Hanoi is a cool city because of the pleasant temperature. It has an old town area which resembles to any magical town. Don't forget to enjoy the Ca Phe Trung at Café Giang in Hanoi.

2. Tribal Villages in Sapa: There are several tribal villages in the mountain range of Hoang Lien Son. This mountain range is present in the northwest of country. Sapa is a considerable tourist destination which is 1500 meters above the sea level. This city hosts 4 ethnic tribes living in the mountains. Sapa is considered the best place for people who love trekking.

3. Ha Long Bay: This is also called Descending Dragon Bay. It is present in Gulf of Tonkin. This bay is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. You will find the amazing beauty of limestone isles (in various shapes and sizes) created by evolutionary process in 20 million years. Tourists can think about Ha Long Bay Cruise to enjoy the scenic beauty of this world heritage.

4. Phong Na: This is another UNESCO World Heritage site. The Ke Bang National Park is closest attraction in Phong Na. It hosts the 5 famous caves in Vietnam. Take a motorbike to visit all the caves in this national park. Riding a bike is cheap and easy. Visit the Chay River, Dark Cave if you are little adventurous. It is a 400 meters deep cave so always bring special equipment such as headlamps.

5. Hue: Hue is the home of imperials. It has several imperial tombs of Nguyen Dynasty. The Nguyen Dynasty ruled over the country from 1802 to 1945. We strongly suggest exploring the Perfume River which has several tombs around. Also, visit the Forbidden Purple City. This city is present in central Hue. Unfortunately, this city is present in a poor condition because of heavy bombing during Tet Offensive of January 1968.

6. Hoi An (photo): This is a famous place for people who want to see the gorgeous coastal town. It is dotted with tailor shops, cafes, restaurants, seafood markets and more. The city becomes a magical scene when hundreds of tantalizing lanterns light up in the evening.

7. Saigon: This is the main Ho Chi Minh City. This is a Southern end of country where tourists can find beautiful sights, sounds, foods and drinks. Want to mix up with locals? Visit Ben Thanh Market where locals frequently come to buy and eat cheap. The city also hosts state of the art French Colonial Buildings such as Old Post Office and Notre Dame Cathedral. Today, this city has modern shopping malls, skyscrapers such as Bitexco Building Sky Deck.