The Modern Paradise of Vietnam

The Modern Paradise of Vietnam

Vietnam may well be described as a modern-day paradise. The place boasts of one of the best cuisine centers in the entire South East Asian region. The country is characterized by some interesting phenomena, including the mesmerizing beaches, idyllic landscapes, largest cave in the world and a vastly interesting heritage and history.

Travelers on a budget

Vietnam is considered as the best traveling destination for backpackers. The main reason is that it is generally not expensive. Remarkably, you might find yourself spending more money in buying the air ticket than caring for your general costs while visiting the country. Vietnam is a highly ideal place for travelers who are operating on a budget. This is the place to be if you want to reduce anxiety related to financial matters whenever you are out on holiday. Moreover, while here, you can enjoy many types of meals, local foods and other things that the famous South East Asian country can provide. It does not matter that some countries may seem ‘nearer,’ and that Vietnam is considered to be more of a ‘faraway’ destination. Overall, it is still the best place to consider spending your leisure time.

Do you consider yourself a thrifty traveler? Vietnam is the place to be. You can find accommodation in this place for an incredible 10 dollars a night. Moreover, you won’t have to spend more money on food for the entire day of a visit. While in Vietnam, you can enjoy the best meal of your life, paying only five dollars for a sumptuous feast. If you want to extend your tour to some of the country’s major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, you will still discover that you don’t have to spend a fortune doing this.

First-class cuisine

Vietnam has been much influenced by countries like China that are closer. This is mainly thanks to natural geographical factors. For this reason, while visiting Vietnam, you can enjoy a complex, fascinating and diverse cuisine. The cuisine actually varies when you travel from one region to the other. The chefs here rely much on the food markets to receive their ingredients, about twice a day. For this reason, you will also find that Vietnamese cuisine is usually quite delicious. The main reason is that the ingredients are generally seasonal and fresh. The dishes may be described as having an explosion of flavors mixed with mouthwatering textures. The dishes require a highly intricate technique to prepare. No wonder, the resultant meals are excellent.

As a visitor touring Vietnam, you can taste all kinds of Vietnamese dishes; a myriad of these. Do you want to enjoy some of the best Vietnamese dishes? Visit the street vendors. Not only will you enjoy the meal of your life, you will also save lots of money in the process. Yes, taking a meal at the Vietnamese street vendors can be quite economical as well.

What kind of dishes will you eat while here? Consider a variety of choices that are available to you. You can take the rice paper salad that is known in the local language as bahn trang tron; the goi kho bo, which is a mixture of green papaya salad and beef jerky; or the sup cua, which is a type of a Vietnamese crab soup. Alternatively, you can take a local delicious meal known as the bot chien. This is simply a Vietnamese flour cake made with fried rice. You can also choose to go for the local noodle soup prepared with beef and chicken. This is called the pho. Otherwise, you can take the spring rolls, or the goi cuon or broken rice, locally called the co tam. Yes, these are just a few choices of local dishes that you may take while visiting Vietnam. You will be amazed with every single Vietnamese dish. The meals are a combination of varied ingredients, resulting in the original flavor. Most are topped with the wonderful, delicate gasnish.

Paradisiac beaches

If you ever escape to visit Vietnam’s South East Asian region of the world and wish to enjoy the sun on sand, you can be sure of this: Vietnam will not disappoint you. The country has some beautiful islands, sandy beaches, and turquoise water framing. Yes, some have described Vietnam as an oasis made for travelers who seek refreshment. You can find some of the best beaches on this planet tucked away in Vietnam. These include the Quang Ngai, Nha Trang, Coc Dao, Phan Thiet, Hoi An and Da Nang beaches.