Recommended nightlife in Vietnam

Recommended nightlife in Vietnam

Vsitors are drawn to Vietnam for its irresistible blend of traditional and contemporary attractions. While your days may well spent sightseeing in pagodas, lively street markets, or scenic countryside, nighttime introduces a whole new atmosphere.

If you are arriving from the West, one thing you are bound to notice is how safe everything seems to be. Unlike UK high streets which are frequently plagued with anti-social drunken behaviour, locals and visitors alike are simply out to enjoy themselves.

Vietnam's larger cities, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are bustling with karaoke venues, clubs, and lively bar. Here you will be treated to an excellent combination of both traditional local music and international sounds. With such a diversity of nightspots there is always something to suit every taste. Pubs and bars offer free admission, although you should try and get to your chosen location as early as possible since many nightspots shut their doors at around midnight. The optimum period to drop by is between 10 and 11pm, with venues closing down between 1 and 2pm.

Amongst the many drinking haunts in Ho Chi Minh city is the renowned Skyline Bar. It is recommended that you book online to secure a window seat here. You will receive fabulous views as thousands of lights illuminate the backdrop. The bar is well known for its exceptional service and friendly staff. You can choose from an extensive selection of cocktails and food and while the refreshments on offer is certainly worth every cent, especially when set against the breathtaking view from your table.

If you are looking for evening entertainment apart from drinking or dancing there are many venues where you can immerse yourself in more sedate Vietnamese culture. One activity not to be missed is a Vietnamese Water Puppet Show, a popular form of entertainment which dates back all the way to the 11th century. Taking place in a waist-deep water pool, the puppets are controlled from below – exactly how has remained a closely guarded secret for all those years! During the performance musicians on either side provide an atmospheric vibe using traditional Vietnamese instruments. The shows are not conducted in English, but the whole spectacle, with colourful puppets and dynamic theatrics, means you can still sit back and enjoy.

Other recommended nightlife of a traditional nature are dances in Vietnamese theatres, dancing at festivals and the unforgettable Imperial Court Dances, where the participants can use fans or lanterns to wow the spectators.