Historic Wall That Heals Monument

Historic Wall That Heals Monument

In 1996 during the Veterans Day, the VVMF (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund) went ahead to inaugurate a replica of the veterans memorial in Washington DC. The monument was specially designed to be a mobile facility that would be carried and displayed to communities all over the US. The monument was named the Wall that Heals.

Ever since the inauguration ceremony, the Wall that Heals has already been displayed at almost 700 US communities. The mission is to spread the memorial's healing legacy to as many people as possible. There's little doubt that the gallant efforts to bring the wall home to various communities throughout the country are a beneficial venture. As a promoter said, who knows? The noble activity might even allow the souls that are enshrined on the memorial to continue existing among friends and family in comfort and peace. And they can do this in familiar surroundings.

Certainly, the traveling exhibit gives a chance to thousands of veterans who could not previously face the Wall to take up courage and strength and do so in a controlled setting. In this way, the healing process can actually begin. The Wall that Heals' main components are the mobile Education Center and the Wall replica.

The Wall features a ¾ scale replica of the actual Vietnam Veterans Memorial that's kept in Washington DC. The monument stands 7.5 feet high at the tallest point. It measures 375 feet in length. While visiting, tourists can actively feel the great Wall rising high above them. They can experience as they walk towards the monument's apex. This is one of the most important features of the Washington DC war monument. The Wall That Heals is basically designed and erected in a chevron-like shape. This is a key resemblance to the original memorial. Here, visitors can perform name rubbings of the individual service members' names right there on The Wall. The replica itself is made of Avonite; this is basically a synthetic granite- its 140 numbered panels are all supported by aluminum frames. There's a machine engraving of over 58,000 names. Also, modern LED lighting provides readability of The Wall at all times.

The names engraved on The Wall That Heals are inscribed by the day of casualty. Starting at the apex/centre the names start from the East Wall on the right hand side and work their way out, reaching the end of the wing. They pick up, once more, at the West Wall's far end (on the left hand side) before working their way back to the apex/ centre. Ultimately, the inscriptions join the beginning at the centre (at the end of the conflict). The trailer carrying the Wall That Heals- a 53-foot behemoth- slowly transforms into a beautiful mobile education center. The trailer's exterior also features "The War and the Wall" timeline. The timeline offers extra information regarding the Washington DC Veterans Memorial. Other exhibits provide visitors with a better understanding of the veteran's memorial's legacy. They also give more information on the various collection of items that remain the DC Wall.

Some of the Wall's displays include: Photos of several service members on the Wall (it's known as the Hometown Heroes). From the local area, the members list their home of record. These photos constitute a part of the famous Wall of Faces. This is –essentially- a special effort to assign a face to each name inscribed on the Washington DC Wall. Another feature is known as the In-Memory Honor Roll. These are actual photographs of the local Vietnam war veterans. The veterans are honoured through the VVMF In Memory Program. The program honours veterans who managed to return home and died later. There are several digital photos of the In Memory honourees-originating from the actual states where the exhibits are displayed. There's also a replica or copy of the In Memory plaque kept on the grounds of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. It generally reads: "This is in special memory of all the men and women who bravely served in the Vietnam War and died later as a result of their gallant service. We highly honour and remember their valiant sacrifice."

Finally, there is the Items Left Behind. This is a display of the items that represent what is kept in the Washington DC Memorial. It's a special remembrance of the heroes inscribed on The Wall.