Vietnam is Back - Fully Reopened Borders

Vietnam is Back - Fully Reopened Borders

Vietnam is back! Effective 15 March 2022, this exquisite Southeast Asian nation has fully reopened its borders to fully vaccinated international travelers from all around the world. To celebrate this important milestone, Marriott Bonvoy®, Marriott International's extraordinary portfolio of 30 hotel brands, award-winning travel program, and endless experiences is inviting its cherished guests to rediscover the beauty of Vietnam. With a choice of desirable destinations all across the country, from stylish cities to chic beach resorts, visitors can start planning their dream vacation.

Hanoi: Vietnam's capital promises a wealth of wonders for international visitors. Take a stroll through the Old Quarter and experience the serenity of Hoan Kiem Lake, then soak up Hanoi's rich historical and cultural heritage at the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Perfume Pagoda or Water Puppet Theatre.

Ho Chi Minh City: The country's largest city is a vibrant metropolis with activities for all ages. The iconic Reunification Palace and poignant War Remnants Museum are unmissable attractions, while the bustling markets and soaring skyscrapers show the contrasting faces of this ever-changing city.

Danang: Central Vietnam's largest city is great for guests who want to combine a beach break with an urban escape. Chill out on the long sandy shore, shop in the upmarket malls, marvel at the Dragon Bridge, or head out into the lush countryside where many wonders await amid forests and mountains.

Phu Quoc: The pristine "Pearl Island" is a haven of tropical adventure. Nestled just off the country's south coast, this dreamy destination promises the perfect combination of sun, sea, sand and stunning scenery. Take the breath-taking Hon Thom Cable Bar, which stretches almost 8km over the ocean.

Nha Trang: This popular seaside town on Vietnam's southeast coast is a paradise for couples and families alike. Kids will be thrilled by the local theme parks and beautiful beaches, while all ages will be captivated by the cultural attractions, including ancient temples from the Cham civilization.

To celebrate the reopening of Vietnam, Marriott Bonvoy has unveiled "Earn, Eat, Enjoy", a rewarding promotion that promises daily breakfast for two people and up to VND 1.1 million (USD 48) of hotel credit all across the country. Marriott Bonvoy members will also be treated to complimentary Wi-Fi and bonus points on every stay.

"Earn, Eat, Enjoy" is valid for bookings made from now until 30 June2022, for stays taken until 30 September 2022.

Marriott Bonvoy encompasses Marriott International's extraordinary portfolio of brands – including the largest collection of luxury properties, award-winning loyalty program, Homes & Villas by Marriott International, online retail shop with 13 branded boutiques, and access to endless experiences – all available through the Marriott Bonvoy Mobile app. Members can earn and redeem points for stays and accelerate the points they earn with co-branded credit cards from JP Morgan Chase and American Express, among others.

Intriguing Towns and Cities

Intriguing Towns and Cities

Vietnam intrigues many visitors year after year. The country has plenty of heritage, rich culture, and natural beauty. Vietnam is basically bordered by mountain ranges to the east; to the west, there's the South China Sea. At the north and south ends are the Red River and Mekong deltas. Vietnam's diverse landscape ropes in rich paddies, white sand beaches, and lush jungles. You are free to visit Vietnam's beautiful towns, easily bookable through a cultural trip.

Hội An: Hội An is a select Unesco World Heritage Site. Undoubtedly, Hoi An is one of Vietnam's most important tourist destinations. The city has terrific cuisine, irresistible charm, and intriguing history. If you want to get an accurate idea about what Vietnam is, make a visit to Hoi An. Between the 16th and 18th centuries Hoi An served as a major port. The city owes its splendid beauty to several factors, including a mix of Asian and European influences. The town is actually small enough for a visitor to explore on foot. The town's streets are generally dotted with various Chinese temples, wooden-fronted shop houses, and lively food markets.

You'll find many galleries selling native artwork and laid-back, open air coffee shops. All these add a charming bohemian element to Hoi An. And if you arrive there at the right time, you can enjoy the annual lantern festival; it's usually held along the Hoai River. When visiting the city on a culture trip you can have a guided walking tour on a 12-day, specially curated Vietnam adventure.

Mũi Né : Mui Ne is another one of Vietnam's architectural landmarks and natural features. Visiting Mui Ne you're likely to catch a silhouette of several women carrying small baskets and trudging along the sand dunes at sunset hours. Mui Ne was once known as a sleepy fishing village. Today it's a favorite getaway destination for many immigrants who want to taste Vietnam's urban life. You'll find most of them occupying the nearby Ho Chi Minh city; the latter was previously known as Saigon. Although the city is increasingly popular with tourists, Ho Chi Minh still retains an attractive low-key atmosphere. The city's 9-mie beach is beautifully lined with several low-rise resorts, shops, and restaurants. The town bay is a fairly well-known hotspot for various kinds of wind and kite surfing. Happily, the wind levels are generally consistent throughout the year. Do you need a small break around the beach? Just take a short tour of the surrounding sand dunes. These actually contribute to the town's pleasant microclimate. As a result, the rainfall is relatively minimal even during the wet season.

Thoai Pham: Thoai Pham is located at an altitude of about one mile ( 1.5 km) above the seal level. It has a beautiful, serene mountain scenery and enjoys a year-round cool weather. The quaint town once served as a favorite retreat for hordes of Vietnamese emperors and French colonialists eager to get away from the country's summer heat. You can still notice much European influence especially depicted by French colonial architecture usually found in the central area of the city. Here, the streets are ever lined up with red-roofed stone buildings. The city has lovely markets, churches, colourful gardens, and winding streets. This is one place that's always delightful to stroll across. The town's surrounding area is dotted with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and forests. Yes, this is the perfect place for various fan activities, including biking, trekking and rock climbing.

Nha Trang, Vietnam Nha Trang is a well-known Vietnamese city that's also home to several of the country's top beaches and dive sites. The city's crescent-shaped beach that covers some 6km is set against a beautiful, picturesque mountain drop. Apart from the gorgeous scenery, Nha Tang features many beautiful shorelines with soft sands. Here you will get a pleasant promenade, scenic parks, sculpture centres, and beautiful gardens. Several companies are available to take visitors around delightful day trips traversing the city's 20 islands. The islands are located just a short distance from the coast. While visiting you can enjoy various snorkeling and hiking experiences. Visiting the city centre, you can grace some fantastic restaurants and later visit the Po Nagar Cham Temple; the temple dates back to the 8th century.

So, visit Vietnam to enjoy all kinds of pleasant and glamorous things that a tourist would have. No doubt, Vietnam's cities and towns will never disappoint.

Historic Wall That Heals Monument

Historic Wall That Heals Monument

In 1996 during the Veterans Day, the VVMF (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund) went ahead to inaugurate a replica of the veterans memorial in Washington DC. The monument was specially designed to be a mobile facility that would be carried and displayed to communities all over the US. The monument was named the Wall that Heals.

Ever since the inauguration ceremony, the Wall that Heals has already been displayed at almost 700 US communities. The mission is to spread the memorial's healing legacy to as many people as possible. There's little doubt that the gallant efforts to bring the wall home to various communities throughout the country are a beneficial venture. As a promoter said, who knows? The noble activity might even allow the souls that are enshrined on the memorial to continue existing among friends and family in comfort and peace. And they can do this in familiar surroundings.

Certainly, the traveling exhibit gives a chance to thousands of veterans who could not previously face the Wall to take up courage and strength and do so in a controlled setting. In this way, the healing process can actually begin. The Wall that Heals' main components are the mobile Education Center and the Wall replica.

The Wall features a ¾ scale replica of the actual Vietnam Veterans Memorial that's kept in Washington DC. The monument stands 7.5 feet high at the tallest point. It measures 375 feet in length. While visiting, tourists can actively feel the great Wall rising high above them. They can experience as they walk towards the monument's apex. This is one of the most important features of the Washington DC war monument. The Wall That Heals is basically designed and erected in a chevron-like shape. This is a key resemblance to the original memorial. Here, visitors can perform name rubbings of the individual service members' names right there on The Wall. The replica itself is made of Avonite; this is basically a synthetic granite- its 140 numbered panels are all supported by aluminum frames. There's a machine engraving of over 58,000 names. Also, modern LED lighting provides readability of The Wall at all times.

The names engraved on The Wall That Heals are inscribed by the day of casualty. Starting at the apex/centre the names start from the East Wall on the right hand side and work their way out, reaching the end of the wing. They pick up, once more, at the West Wall's far end (on the left hand side) before working their way back to the apex/ centre. Ultimately, the inscriptions join the beginning at the centre (at the end of the conflict). The trailer carrying the Wall That Heals- a 53-foot behemoth- slowly transforms into a beautiful mobile education center. The trailer's exterior also features "The War and the Wall" timeline. The timeline offers extra information regarding the Washington DC Veterans Memorial. Other exhibits provide visitors with a better understanding of the veteran's memorial's legacy. They also give more information on the various collection of items that remain the DC Wall.

Some of the Wall's displays include: Photos of several service members on the Wall (it's known as the Hometown Heroes). From the local area, the members list their home of record. These photos constitute a part of the famous Wall of Faces. This is –essentially- a special effort to assign a face to each name inscribed on the Washington DC Wall. Another feature is known as the In-Memory Honor Roll. These are actual photographs of the local Vietnam war veterans. The veterans are honoured through the VVMF In Memory Program. The program honours veterans who managed to return home and died later. There are several digital photos of the In Memory honourees-originating from the actual states where the exhibits are displayed. There's also a replica or copy of the In Memory plaque kept on the grounds of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington. It generally reads: "This is in special memory of all the men and women who bravely served in the Vietnam War and died later as a result of their gallant service. We highly honour and remember their valiant sacrifice."

Finally, there is the Items Left Behind. This is a display of the items that represent what is kept in the Washington DC Memorial. It's a special remembrance of the heroes inscribed on The Wall.

How to Enjoy a Memorable Visit to Hanoi City

How to Enjoy a Memorable Visit to Hanoi City

On October 10th 2010, something exciting happened in Hanoi- the city celebrated its 1000th birthday! You probably plan to visit this fascinating Vietnamese city in the near future. How can you make the best of your trip? Consider these exciting suggestions:

Take a Thrilling Ride around Hanoi's Famous Streets: Take Hanoi's famous cyclo-, the local taxi- and get ready to explore the real Hanoi. Visitors are usually ushered in the front rider to enjoy a spectacular, once in a lifetime experience around the city, but get ready for some nail-biting experience- the vehicle will soon hurtle around town with all kinds of traffic flying around in every direction. Beware!

Visit the Temple of Literature: Is there any notable ancient building for everyone visiting Hanoi? If there ever was this kind of place, then it's the Temple Literature building. The structure embodies the veritable Confucianism sanctuary; it is considered Vietnam's foremost centre of learning; it has been around for a respectable 1000 years. While visiting the Temple Building, you can admire the spectacular monument's swooping tiled roofs, the tranquil ponds, the well-trimmed lawns, and its elaborate gateways. You can conclude your visit with a delightful experience characterized by the traditional music performance right there in the famous music room.

Visit the Ho Chi Min National Mausoleum: The influence of the legendary Ho Chi Minh in his Vietnamese homeland can never be overstated; yes, you cannot overestimate this man's powerful influence across the country. To get a picture of Vietnam's national situation, you definitely need to visit Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum.

To most visitors, the experience is both unusual and moving. While visiting here, tourists and locals are expected to dress respectfully in a manner that befits the occasion. You are guaranteed to sense the stunning admiration for Vietnam's foremost hero figure. No wonder the Ho Chi Minh Museum is always a crowd-puller for thousands of tourists every year; the stream of tourists pouring into the area is always endless.

Discover Vietnam's Exciting history: Not many countries in the world have gone through what Vietnam has- the country has a turbulent natural history. Do you want to get the best overview while visiting here? Then you must visit Vietnam's famous History Museum. The story really started in the 1930s with the moniker L'Ecole Francaise Oriente. Some of the items displayed here include the battle scenes of dioramas, the Imperial Court paintings and the images of the legendary Ho Chi Minh in his youth.

Get Away to Hanoi's Backstreets: Just like you might visit other major capital cities of the world, you can discover Hanoi's authentic culture in the backstreet areas (rather than the city centre). No, you won't find these in places regularly visited by tourists. Well, you know it- the tourist areas are always neatly staged to give the appearance of the perfect city. While wandering away to the backstreets, do not forget to carry your camera. Carry your notebook as well- you're just about to start making new friends. Yes, it's a lifetime's event visiting Hanoi's backstreet; get to know the real Hanoi.

Buy Something at the Traditional Crafts and Silk Shops: You'll find many boutiques and shops located in and around Hanoi. Most of these have attractive window displays. Here you can always spend your dong on several offerings of traditional textiles and crafts. One of Hanoi's most fabulous buys is silk. And they really come in dazzling colours. There are other neat souvenirs, including propaganda posters and water puppets.

Watch the Thrilling Hanoi Water Puppet Performance: Watch the spectacular water puppet event: Have you ever heard of quadratic baboons? Well, visit Hanoi for a taste of the most exciting event in town. Undoubtedly, the water puppet performance will leave you dazed. The event is usually characterized by the operation of a complex system driven by levers and pulleys. The entire event is a primary feature of peculiar Vietnamese entertainment.

While visiting, you'll watch sketches of dragons that glide through the water. There are ";maidens"; who keep busy dancing on the water's surface. Every year these events keep thousands of enthusiasts attentive and entertained. The traditional musicians are not left behind- they always have a bevvy of entertainment lined up.

A Historic Whirlwind Tour around Vietnam

A Historic Whirlwind Tour around Vietnam

Would you love to experience a historical tour around Vietnam? Of course, you likely know about Vietnam's war history- indeed, to most people, the name Vietnam is virtually synonymous with war. You can take some time to experience Vietnam's history and sample its brush with war and warriors.

Tour the French Quarter & Colonial Buildings: Of course, you're likely to find Hanoi's Old Quarter area a place full of frantic-almost frenzied- commercial activity. But there's another relatively serene area always beckoning for discerning visitors- this is the famous French Quarter. The site is tranquil.

It's essentially a tree-lined boulevard decorated with some beautiful, restored mansions- all these are carefully concealed behind some secretive tall hedges. The French Quarter has been aptly described as Hanoi's classy corner- the town's jewel in the crown. The area also hosts some of Hanoi's trendiest restaurants and bars.

Adventure and Fun in Da Nang: You'll find Da Nang located along the South China Sea Coast. Da Nang is renowned as one of Vietnam's most crucial port cities. While coming from Hue or Hanoi, this should be your next natural stop. Here, you're guaranteed to enjoy a perfect balance full of adventure and fun. Over the years, Da Nang has become increasingly popular with digital nomads, young entrepreneurs and backpackers. With time, Dan Nang has become a veritable budding hub for startup ventures.

The Exciting Da Nang Beach Environs: As a tourist or new visitor in town, you're welcome to hike around the Marble Mountains. This is a famous pilgrimage site full of limestone, marble and ripe with grottoes and caves. At Da Nang, you'll discover some thrilling historical Buddhist monasteries and put your finger inside actual bullet holes in the places where the Vietnamese soldiers formerly spied on Americans during the historical Vietnam war. Moreover, visitors can continuously cycle around the Son Tra Peninsula or take a scooter to tour the 800-year old banyan tree; then, you can have a sweeping view right there from the Monkey Peak.

World-Class Cuisine: Further, you'll have the opportunity to learn about the colonial history of Vietnam. This you can do at the Ba Na Hills mountain top resort. The monument typically resembles a veritable mediaeval castle; it's ";littered"; with various monuments and establishments, including a mediaeval castle, beautiful accommodations, an amusement park and several line restaurants.

While around, why not visit Tam's Pub? You'll enjoy the world-class local cuisine. You can also branch over to the Surf Shop and enjoy some hearty meals. Do you crave some vegetarian burgers? You'll find them deliciously done; you'll have a golden opportunity to hear some really riveting tales describing the kind of life people enjoyed in Tam during the yesteryears. Yes, you'll learn about how things were during the war years around Tam.

Visit Hoi An for a Cultural Retreat: Hanoi An has some of the best beaches in the world. Hoi An is renowned for not succumbing to the spoils of the beaches at the expense of tourism. You'll arrive at the An Bang Beach after about one hour's ride from Da Nang; the place is located merely 10 minutes away from the Hoi An city centre. The Hoi An beach is renowned as sparkling clean. The Beach is generally unadulterated by the many modern commercial enterprises. It makes the place ideal to visit whenever you want to swim or sunbathe on the white sandy beach area.

Get ready to enjoy the best coffee and meals around the city's restaurants and cafes- here, you'll be served affordable meals and have some excellent options for drinks. For those who prefer a packed picnic, you're welcome to bring over your bags and pitch tent around the sunbeds and shoreline umbrellas; it merely costs 50,000 VND or $2.15. You can be sure your day is guaranteed with this kind of service.

Chill Away in Quy Nhon: Do you prefer to stay away and chill around the less busy areas of Vietnam? You have an answer- visit the Quy Nhon region. It's stimulating to tour the Bai Xep beach- it's otherwise known as the Xep Beach. Those who prefer to travel around rocky shores will-similarly-not get disappointed. There are many places of this type that offer a dramatic view of the city. One of these is the famous Queen's Beach.

Ensure you catch the hour's bus ride that takes you to Quy Nhon, right from Phu Cat. You have the option to catch the train coming from Hanoi city or take the sleeper bus hurtling away from Ho Chi Minh city. This is alright as long as it won't bother you to travel for long- well, some consider these lengthy travels as extra fun and fanfare.

Enjoy Your Festive Seasons in Global Destinations

Enjoy Your Festive Seasons in Global Destinations


You don’t have to do only simple things involving trimmings or the taking of turkey while in Hanoi, Vietnam. The festive season here is the perfect opportunity to visit the most beautiful locations just by walking around the roads or driving along. Yes, you will have to ignore the famous New Year festivities, Christmas celebrations and similar things. It is time to enjoy yourself, without set rules or tradition hampering you. Instead of being tied to tradition, it is time to get some valuable alternatives that permit you to go around.

Here are other excellent places to consider visiting:


You can decide to simply waste your time on the roads or otherwise surf along on the huge waves. Which of these is most preferable to you? Many people love to go surfing on Hawaii’s high waves. The famous US state, where Barak Obama was born, is always open for thousands of tourists to flock in- at will. Indeed, thousands of surfers visit here every year. One of the most attractive places for international or national surfers is Hawaii. Here, the month of December is always busy. The water tides can go up to a maximum 30 feet. This makes it a most enjoyable place for tourists of all kinds and nationalities. The native people in Hawaii love celebrate this season. They call it the Makahiki festival. The festival usually goes on for a period of four months. You may also enjoy some joyous occasions at the Annual City Lights of Honolulu.

Antarctic Cruise

Why should you celebrate the New Year or Christmas at home? Yes, why not visit the famous Antarctic Cruise? At such times, the Antarctic regions are usually warm and cool. You can always enjoy the Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands while around here. It will give a most wonderful chance for the kids to see the Penguins. Of course, this is a famous place for its thousands of penguins and other animals. Yes, the continent houses many different animals of amazing character. Think, for instance, about the Humpback Whales and the albatross as a great example of these.


Namibia’s parched lands usually turn green after the end of the rainy season in November. Indeed, the land turns lush green. This results in the creation of beautiful green meadows, water holes and nice fresh air for everyone. Moreover, you can enjoy the Namibian wildlife’s scenic beauty. Remarkably, while in Namibia in such seasons, the daytime always remains dry. This is the most excellent time for visitors to flock in and enjoy what is hailed as the Namibian safari. While here, don’t forget to visit the Etosha national park. This a famous place for the most thrilling variety of African elephants. It is found in the northern part of the country. While there, you can enjoy other places, including the Ethereal Red Desert, the Wintry Walks as well as the Etosha Salt Pan.


If you want the next Christmas or new years’ experience to be completely different, then consider visiting the Festive party in Fiji. This is one small festival that people enjoy while arranged in small groups. Yes, you can always enjoy a four-week holiday while hidden away in faraway Fiji. While here, the visitors usually enjoy a spear dance, gathered together with the ritual fans. These are good at beautifully decorating the villages with fancy lamps and candles. They will prepare a delicious traditional ovens Lovo using stones. Further, they will avail a host of some delicious local dishes, including cassava, coconut, ice-cream and palusami. This will happen in record time.


We want you to completely forget about your ideas with the traditional New Year’s celebrations and holy Christmas. It is time to plan about alternative festivities that are both fun and thrilling. Just focus on Sydney’s beautiful beaches, for instance. Such a beach vibe is an attractive and excellent opportunity for all kinds of people, especially teens.

You can enjoy surfing in places like the Bronte Beaches and the Tamaramas Also, you may visit the popular Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. All these are exciting activities that you can use to refill the memory with some unforgettable experiences.

The Most Exciting Places to visit in Vietnam

The Most Exciting Places to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam has a rich culture, beautiful nature and is a serene tourist destination. There are a lot of fun things to do in Vietnam and favourite places to visit. Also, it has about eight locations marked as historical heritage sites by UNESCO. As a result, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Tourists are sure to receive an exceptional culinary experience and get to enjoy the international and local cuisine. One must be adequately prepared to explore and tour Vietnam fully since it has a lot of cool places to visit.

Ho Thuy Tien water park

This water park is located a few miles outside Huong Thuy town. It is one of the creepiest places to visit in Vietnam for several reasons. First of all, it is hidden somewhere in the jungle near the Thuy Tien Lake. Secondly, there are rumours of crocodiles still living there even though the last three were removed from the facility. This water park was open to the public as an unfinished project back in 2014 and later became completely abandoned. A tour of this place is not for the faint-hearted, but if you want to experience a post-apocalyptic dream world, then this is the place to be. The area is murky, has overgrown vines and is a little bit rusty. The entrance of the park has a three-storey dragon perched around a domed structure which is the entrance to the abandoned amusement park. There's no recent development in the park, but it is a good place to visit and explore.

The Golden Bridge

It is located west of Da Nang and part of the Sun World Ba Na Hills amusement park. The Golden Bridge photos went viral as soon as they were uploaded online. It is as if two gigantic hands were supporting the bridge preventing it from collapsing. This amazing architectural work of art is stunning, and there's a beautiful background scenery. The bridge is unique in its own way and symbolizes something divine or godlike. The 500 ft long bridge is accessible by a 20 minutes cable car ride. It is built top of Ba Na Hills and was constructed to connect the cable car station with the adjacent gardens. The bridge provides a scenic look and was part of a $2 billion investment to attract tourists to the area. It provides a scenic overlook and one of the most popular tourist attraction sites In Vietnam.

Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park

Suoi Tien is the first-ever Buddhist waterslide park in the world. It is a water-filled fantasy world a few miles south of Ho Chi Minh City. The cultural park theme embraces the animistic form of Buddhism. Sacred animals portrayed in the theme park include a Dragon, Tortoise, Unicorn and Phoenix. The main aim of the park is to present the Vietnamese culture, history and folklore to the outside world. Massive concrete designed dragons surround the swimming pools. The entrance has a giant rotating frog sculpture, and the pillars take the shape of giant elephant tusks. There's a twelve-storey face of a Buddhist sage which is the most noticeable feature of the theme park. Also, there are over 1,500 live crocodiles in the park and visitors are allowed to feed them.

Am Phu Cave

The cave was discovered in the 19th century by King Minh Mang who in turn named it Am Phu which means hell in English. It was officially opened to the public and tourists in 2006. There are frightening figures that were created by local artists in the pitch dark tunnels and stalactites. Also, there is a bridge that every visitor crosses to enter the Am Phu Cave. The bridge is a symbolic representation of crossing over from earthly realm into the hellish realm of fanged devils and violent demons. There is also a shrine where visitors can confess their sins and repent.

Hang Son Doong

Hang Son Doong is officially recognized as the largest natural cave in the world. A surprising fact about this cave is that it was only discovered in 1991 by a local man. It is located near the Vietnam-Laos border in Quang Binh Province. The cave is over five kilometres long and about 200 meters tall. It has its own jungle that formed underneath a collapsed carven roof. Public visits were initiated in 2013 and are currently offered by Oxalis Adventure Tours.

The Modern Paradise of Vietnam

The Modern Paradise of Vietnam

Vietnam may well be described as a modern-day paradise. The place boasts of one of the best cuisine centers in the entire South East Asian region. The country is characterized by some interesting phenomena, including the mesmerizing beaches, idyllic landscapes, largest cave in the world and a vastly interesting heritage and history.

Travelers on a budget

Vietnam is considered as the best traveling destination for backpackers. The main reason is that it is generally not expensive. Remarkably, you might find yourself spending more money in buying the air ticket than caring for your general costs while visiting the country. Vietnam is a highly ideal place for travelers who are operating on a budget. This is the place to be if you want to reduce anxiety related to financial matters whenever you are out on holiday. Moreover, while here, you can enjoy many types of meals, local foods and other things that the famous South East Asian country can provide. It does not matter that some countries may seem ‘nearer,’ and that Vietnam is considered to be more of a ‘faraway’ destination. Overall, it is still the best place to consider spending your leisure time.

Do you consider yourself a thrifty traveler? Vietnam is the place to be. You can find accommodation in this place for an incredible 10 dollars a night. Moreover, you won’t have to spend more money on food for the entire day of a visit. While in Vietnam, you can enjoy the best meal of your life, paying only five dollars for a sumptuous feast. If you want to extend your tour to some of the country’s major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, you will still discover that you don’t have to spend a fortune doing this.

First-class cuisine

Vietnam has been much influenced by countries like China that are closer. This is mainly thanks to natural geographical factors. For this reason, while visiting Vietnam, you can enjoy a complex, fascinating and diverse cuisine. The cuisine actually varies when you travel from one region to the other. The chefs here rely much on the food markets to receive their ingredients, about twice a day. For this reason, you will also find that Vietnamese cuisine is usually quite delicious. The main reason is that the ingredients are generally seasonal and fresh. The dishes may be described as having an explosion of flavors mixed with mouthwatering textures. The dishes require a highly intricate technique to prepare. No wonder, the resultant meals are excellent.

As a visitor touring Vietnam, you can taste all kinds of Vietnamese dishes; a myriad of these. Do you want to enjoy some of the best Vietnamese dishes? Visit the street vendors. Not only will you enjoy the meal of your life, you will also save lots of money in the process. Yes, taking a meal at the Vietnamese street vendors can be quite economical as well.

What kind of dishes will you eat while here? Consider a variety of choices that are available to you. You can take the rice paper salad that is known in the local language as bahn trang tron; the goi kho bo, which is a mixture of green papaya salad and beef jerky; or the sup cua, which is a type of a Vietnamese crab soup. Alternatively, you can take a local delicious meal known as the bot chien. This is simply a Vietnamese flour cake made with fried rice. You can also choose to go for the local noodle soup prepared with beef and chicken. This is called the pho. Otherwise, you can take the spring rolls, or the goi cuon or broken rice, locally called the co tam. Yes, these are just a few choices of local dishes that you may take while visiting Vietnam. You will be amazed with every single Vietnamese dish. The meals are a combination of varied ingredients, resulting in the original flavor. Most are topped with the wonderful, delicate gasnish.

Paradisiac beaches

If you ever escape to visit Vietnam’s South East Asian region of the world and wish to enjoy the sun on sand, you can be sure of this: Vietnam will not disappoint you. The country has some beautiful islands, sandy beaches, and turquoise water framing. Yes, some have described Vietnam as an oasis made for travelers who seek refreshment. You can find some of the best beaches on this planet tucked away in Vietnam. These include the Quang Ngai, Nha Trang, Coc Dao, Phan Thiet, Hoi An and Da Nang beaches.